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In today’s extremely competitive business environment, each and every area of a company’s infrastructure must be continually reviewed and improved.  An often-overlooked area is the physical environment an organization operates in, its workplace.  A thoughtfully designed workplace can increase profitability via environmental improvement in areas such as the physical flow of work and information within a company.  Additionally, companies can benefit from making it possible for ad-hoc or unplanned employee interaction to occur.


Traditional architecture has usually created pleasing, pleasant space to work within.  The function of the space looked at only in summary, (ie: Office, Production) rather than in detail.  It takes a different point of view and experience to look at the workspace and its relation to a company’s operations with an eye to improving both.  There are two types of potential engagements involving architectural consulting services, facilities layout and space planning, and with a little overlap, relocation planning.




In the area of facilities layout and space planning, we will work jointly with our client’s management and all related functional departments to:


·   Investigate and Review – We will compile an inventory of current facilities and review how the space is used.
·   Functional Map – We will create a functional or workflow map showing the physical movement of work, people and information (paperwork).
·   Define Scope of Project – If a client’s facilities require re-configuration, we will develop documents that defines the scope of the changes and the expected benefits to be achieved.
·   Prepare Preliminary Layouts, Plans or Schemas
·   Interface with Registered Architect or Professional Engineer - If necessary, we will work with a local architect or professional engineer to prepare legal documents such as working drawings, and to supervise construction.


For a relocation planning engagement we will accomplish all or some of the above tasks as well as:


·   Prepare Space Requirement Analysis – We will assist in the preparation of an analysis of the size, location and type of space needed.
·   Space Acquisition – We will work with a client’s real estate advisor to identify viable locations.
·   Moving Day Plan – we will work to develop comprehensive plans for the actual move between spaces.


Why You May Need Our Architectural Consulting Service


·   Is your company considering a total or partial relocation?
·   Are your current facilities crowded?
·   Do you need more people but don’t know where to put them?
·   Is the current flow of work serpentine or confusing, in either your offices or production floor, or between the two?
·   Are the opportunities for ad-hoc employee interaction limited by your current layout?
·   Does the design of your workplace hinder smooth, efficient operations?


If you answered yes to any of these questions you will benefit from our services.


Our unique background and experience in this specialized area are a tight fit with what is necessary to successfully address architectural / operational issues.

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