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Chief Operating Officer Functions






For many small and mid-sized companies having a full-time Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Chief Operating Officer (COO) on staff would be an extreme luxury. Further, and more to the point, these companies probably do not need CIO or COO positions filled full-time. However, these companies may require CIO or COO expertise on a part-time basis for selected short and long-term projects.


Our experience, expertise and background can be applied by our clients to assist with various operational or information technology issues. We can be retained on either a project or ongoing basis to address issues such as:


         Management of Systems Upgrade, Enhancement or Replacement Projects

         Building and Effectively Using a Companywide Database

         Fully Integrated Companywide Internet Services

         Review and Enhancement of Information Flow

         Company or Departmental Reorganization

         Management of EDI Projects

         Retailer Chargeback Reduction

         Facilities Expansion Issues

         Relocation Projects

         Operational or Organizational Improvement Via Space-Planning and Layout



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