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EDI / Operations Integration


The use of EDI is no longer optional if you are, or want to be a vendor to one of the major retailers.  There are a growing number of small, multi-store regional retailers that require their vendors to provide or accept some, or all, of the retail related EDI documents.  And many small retailers now have access to checkout systems that, at minimum, require vendor UPC numbers be either on a national catalog service or provided via 832’s.

In order to meet these requirements, many companies have started to use stand-alone EDI software packages.  Most of these packages are quite good, but because they are stand-alone, they often “stand-alone” and apart from a company’s core operating procedures.  For example, EDI data may have to be re-entered into a company’s normal operating software for order processing, distribution, billing and inventory control.  Order data and shipping information may have to be printed out and then re-entered in order to produce EDI advanced ship notices (ASN’s), UCC-128 carton labels and EDI Invoices.

In addition, lack of operational / EDI integration obscures information that is needed in order to insure compliance with retailer logistics.  This leads to “violation” charge backs from the retailer’s warehouse profit center.  To add insult to injury, lack of integration also causes information needed to apply for charge back reversal to be lost.

The service package described on this page is designed to help companies integrate EDI into their core operations in order to achieve increased efficiency and profitability.

Why Integrate?

Full integration of EDI into a company’s operating environment will yield the following benefits:

-          Improved Efficiency    -

-          Reduced Errors    -

-          Reduced Opportunity For Errors    -

-          Reduced Retailer Compliance Charge Backs    -

-          Increased Ability To Fight “Bull Shit” Retailer Compliance Charge Backs    -

-          Increased Ability To Meet Tight Shipping Windows    -

All of which should:

-         Increase Profitability    -

In addition, a “side effect” of fully integrated EDI is the data that is produced easily feeds into a company’s database enhancing their ability to improve merchandising.



We work jointly with our client’s management, IT people and internal or outside consultants to address some of the following areas:

·                     EDI Invoicing

·                     EDI Order Processing

·                     Reverse EDI Order Processing

·                     Advance Ship Notices

·                     UCC-128 Labels

·                     UCC Compliant UPC catalog

·                     Customer Service, Warehouse and Shipping

In order to achieve the following milestones:

·         We will help a client company develop a plan to integrate its operating software and procedures with its EDI software and procedures.

·         Once software and procedures have been integrated, we will work with a client company to revise all related operating procedures in order to fully integrate EDI into the company’s operations.

·         This integration will:

o       Increase Efficiency

o        Reduce Errors

o        Increase Recovery Rate of Erroneous Charge Back Amounts

o       Reduce Operational Stress

o       Increase Profitability

Why You May Benefit From Full EDI / Operations Integration

·         Has the amount and frequency of retailer compliance charge backs increased?

·         Are some of these charge backs, as painful as they are, valid (due to internal errors)?

·         Do you have orders cancelled because you missed the shipping window?

·         Do you suspect that the retailer “charge back of the month” has occasionally victimized your company?

·         Are your people re-entering data into separate systems?

·         Does the EDI selling information you receive not automatically match up with your product information?


If you answered yes to any of these questions you will benefit from our services.

In general, careful integration of your operating software and your EDI software and the resulting procedural integration is one of the most effective ways to solve the problems implied by these questions.

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