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Merchandising Process / Supply Chain Improvement




In today’s increasingly global business environment, coupled with major consolidations of entire industries leading to a cycle of “big business”, the minimum requirements to running a profitable, healthy business have been raised.  Companies must not under-utilize the informational resources available to them.  Many companies, using enhanced, information based procedures have redefined the traditional methods of operating within their industries and have outpaced their competition, both in growth and profitability.


By building a company database and by improving merchandising processes, an organization can almost certainly increase the performance of its products and its profitability.


The service package described on this page is designed to help companies build an appropriate database and structure their processes to effectively use the data collected.  In other words:



- Classify Products & Collect Selling Data in order to -


- Analyze Performance Product Information in order to -


- Identify Customer Preferences in order to -


- Buy / Produce The Right Products At The Right Time in order to -


-Ship Products That Sell Faster in order to


- Increase Retail Sell-Through in order to -


- Optimize Retail Real Estate in order to -


- Decrease Sales Dilution in order to -


- Increase Profitability -



We work jointly with our client’s management, IT people and internal or outside consultants to address some of the following areas:


·   Database Design and Implementation

·   Data Source Planning

·   Data Flow and Presentation Planning

·   Data Analysis and Merchandising Procedures

o        Design

o        Planning

o        Implementation

o        Reorganization

o        Monitor Results


The goal is to achieve the following milestones:


·   We will help a client/company develop and implement a comprehensive Company Wide / Product Database.  Creation of such a database is a necessary foundation, upon which businesses may build profit-enhancing processes.


·   We will work with a client company to build, revise, improve and focus its merchandising processes in order to achieve:

o        Optimized utilization of available retail real estate.

o        Increased retail sell-through.

o        Reduced sales dilution.

o        Increased profitability.


·   These benefits will occur when merchandise is pulled through a client’s company rather than pushed through.


Why You May Benefit From Revising The Way You Merchandise


·   Has sales dilution recently increased?  Is that increase accelerating?


·   Are all or some of your products now, or about to be, subject to retailer margin guarantees?


·   When thinking about the retail sell-through of your line, is your sell-through decreasing, inconsistent or below your expectations?


·   Are you in danger of losing placement due to inconsistent or declining retail performance?


·   Is the performance of your line at retail hampered by customer over-involvement in planning your assortments?


·   Have any of your customers requested or demanded Vendor Managed Inventory?


·   Do you suspect that you are not effectively using the tremendous amount of marketplace data available to you?



If you answered yes to any of these questions you will benefit from our services.

In general, the effective use of a company database is one of the most productive ways to solve the problems implied by these questions.  We have just the background and experience needed to help you address this critically important area.



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