Breitband Consulting, LLC

Breitband Consulting, LLC offers comprehensive consulting services focused on a variety of operational issues primarily in the New York City metropolitan area.  Our service offerings are grouped into five major areas:


·        LEGACY SYSTEMS - Review of a company's existing systems vis-ŕ-vis potential new systems.  Identify those features and processes that are essential to a company’s continued success.


·        MERCHANDISING PROCESS IMPROVEMENT - Improve the retail performance a company's products through use of Database and Data Mining techniques.


·        EDI INTEGRATION - Improve a company's profitability by complete integration of EDI into operating procedures.


·        CIO or COO FUNCTIONS – Assist clients with various operational and technology management issues either on a project or ongoing basis.


·        ARCHITECTURAL CONSULTING – Assist clients with space planning and acquisition, office and production layout, in relation to operational and procedural improvement.



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